Innovative Vaccine May Decrease Post Stroke Blood Clot Risk


That day is not far away when a vaccine will be able to take the place of oral blood thinners to minimize the probability of secondary strokes engendered by blood clots without raising the probability of grave bleeding or propelling of an autoimmune response.

People who have been a victim of stroke engendered by blood clot frequently require consuming medicines that engender their blood towards the chances of less clotting which assists in averting another stroke.

Japanese researchers fruitfully examined an innovative vaccine in mice and discovered that it offered immunity against blood clots for more than two months devoid of increasing the probability of bleeding or engendering an auto immune answer.

The paucity of an auto immune answer is vital as it means the mice’s immune system did not revolt against the vaccine as an intruder that required to be assaulted which would have engender a response to the vaccine.

The vaccine, S100A9 impedes blood clots generation and shielded the arteries of the nursed mice from generating new clots for more than two months and furthermore functioned as well as the oral blood thinner clopidogrel in a major artery.

Evolving a vaccine to restore or supplement every day, oral medications may conserve many lives and assist prohibit both secondary strokes and probable heart attack as per Nakagami. We are pursuing our research in order to being capable to commence clinical trials between five and ten years from now, but there is stated distinction between men and mice in how the vaccine is recognized by the different immune system respectively.

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