Google Pixel 3s Brought From Best Buy Are SIM Locked To Verizon


Verizon being the total carrier for pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL is a bit of a vexation because it lessens the alternatives for purchasing the phone in the store and with encouragement from other bearers. However, now it is that edgy is more regulative than in the past, Pixel 3 traded by Best Buy are apparently SIM locked to Verizon. Premature units being traded today from Best Buy are not functioning with non-Verizon SIM cards.

To be more lucid, Best Buy technically only sells a Verizon Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, but if we were to bygone experience of the authentic pixel and pixel 2, these Verizon phones were literally undifferentiated to the unbolted models and could be utilized on any carrier of your choice. The only impediment was acquiring Best Buy or Verizon to sell you one without a Verizon account.

But yes, it looks as if Pixel 3s sold by Best Buy are SIM locked, as mentioned in the product pages. Juxtapose that to Best Buy’s listing for the Verizon pixel 2 that distinctly enlists that phone as being unbolted which it was.

Customarily the solitary reason why a Pixel should be SIM locked is if it is being traded by Verizon — or Best Buy as a Verizon reseller — on a multi-month financing plan. When the phone is sold with total amount and without contract, Verizon account or financing plan, we would normally anticipate that SIM slot to be unlocked.


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