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PS4 Will Now Fix Private Message Bug With New Update 6.02


PS4 will now fix private message bug with new update 6.02, which will have specific set of character limit. Sony seems to have issued a fix as a framework programming update for the PS4. Named as PS4 update 6.02 with a download size of 447.4MB, it ‘enhances framework execution’ as indicated by Sony’s fix notes and is a required download for the support.

While Sony hasn’t actually affirmed that this update with location the PS4 private message crash bug, it doubtlessly would given that it comes approximately five days since it was at first revealed. Various PS4 proprietors took to Reddit to caution others to set their PS4 messages to companions just or handicap them altogether after this bug slammed PS4 reassures.

What’s more is, users don’t need to open the message to be affected. Simply getting the notice on users’ PS4 is sufficient to trigger an accident in a few occurrences. Ideally this has now been settled with the PS4 6.02 update.

Furthermore, talking about updates, the following huge one from Sony is slated to bring PSN name changes, a component that has been asked for a very long time.

No PSN name change launch date has been uncovered at this time and all Sony has said is that it would coming ‘soon’ with plans of it leaving the PlayStation Preview Program toward the finish of November 2018 and that a ‘full rollout’ is slated for mid of 2019.

The feature will work with all PS4 recreations distributed after April 1, 2018 and many of ‘most played’ PS4 amusements launched earlier. So, Sony states that there might be mistakes in specific recreations for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita.

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