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China Boosts Its Friendship And Cooperation With Maldives


China boosts its friendship and cooperation with Maldives, President Xi Jinping has said in its congratulatory note to the country’s recently elected President Ibrahim Solih, who expelled pro-Beijing Abdulla Yameen by and large general election.

Mr Solih, who was sent the message by Mr Xi on Sunday as revealed by the state-run Xinhua news agency, is the pioneer of the Maldivian Democratic Party that has been incredulous of the Chinese activities and deals signed under Mr Yameen who was said to have floated from conventional partner India to China.

President Xi said in his message that, “China is willing to work with the Maldives to continue to cement their friendship and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields to better benefit the people of both countries.”

He said he exceedingly values the improvement of China-Maldives relations and was ready to hold hands with Mr Solih to lift the exhaustive friendly agreeable partnership between the two nations to a new level.

The election of Mr Solih will undoubtedly stress China as his party had raised complaints to the Free Trade Agreement signed among Yameen and Beijing. The 1,000-page document was raced through in the Maldivian Parliament at lightning speed with no debate.

A week ago, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said Beijing trusted that Male will adhere to the deal and make an empowering domain for Chinese organizations. It additionally rebuked Maldives former President Mohamed Nasheed for defaming Beijing.

The deal, said to be supportive of China, is yet to wind up operational. Situated in one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes in the India Ocean, the archipelago is deliberately critical to China which has invested vigorously in the nation.

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