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Volkswagen Bonneville Jetta 2019 Records New Track Speed Of 338.15 Kmph

volkswagen-bonneville-jetta-2019 records

Volkswagen Bonneville Jetta 2019 records new track speed of 338.15 kmph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Over the span of the run, the car broke the Southern California Timing Association’s (SCTA) Blown Gas Coupe (G/BGC) class record of 335.50 kmph.

Developed by Bonneville preparation expert THR Manufacturing, situated in Ventura, Calif., the Bonneville Jetta yields a drag coefficient of only 0.27. The 2-liter direct-infusion and turbocharged engine in the Bonneville Jetta was changed for high output with new interfacing bars, valves, pistons, exhaust system, camshafts, and turbocharger, however the essential block and crankshaft are stock. On the dyno, the engine accomplished a yield of 600 horsepower at 8500 rpm.

To keep running at highest speed on the salt, the Bonneville Jetta had numerous other changes from stock. The suspension was brought down, unique Salt Flat haggles were fitted, and a limited slip differential was added to help traction. The inside has been stripped and furnished with full track safety equipment, like a roll cage, harness, racing seat and a fire suppression system. To help slow the car down, the Bonneville Jetta was fitted with a couple of parachutes.

“It was a terrific experience to drive this car on the salt,” said Scott Goetz, who drove the Bonneville Jetta. “The car inspired a lot of confidence at very high speeds. I have no doubt that we could go even faster by running some more boost, but we are very happy to have the record, knowing that there is more to come in the car if we need it.”

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